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4+ Nutrition puts a healthy, functional spin on a traditional pasty

4 nutrition satis croissant

While 4+ Nutrition has mostly been about sports nutrition and general health supplements over the past year or so, it’s no stranger to functional foods and protein snacks. In fact, that type of product is something the Italian brand is known for, putting together some impressive and unique treats over the years, including Filled Choco Joy and the decadent Protein Tortino.

This week, 4+ Nutrition has come out with its first functional snack in quite some time with Satis+ Croissant, which is indeed a high-protein croissant made with wheat, soy protein, egg, erythritol, and enhanced with prebiotic fiber. It has a similar macro balance to a typical protein bar at 15g of protein, 12g of carbohydrates, only 200mg of sugar, 11g of fat, and 195 calories.

4+ Nutrition has essentially taken the traditional pastry and put a healthy spin on it, plus the functional twist of adding prebiotic fiber. Despite all of the positives, the brand still promises the pastry’s signature softness and smooth consistency. The Satis+ Croissant is available now in Italy and isn’t all that expensive either at €12 (14.55 USD) for a box of three croissants.