Peanut Sport Cream gives fans of 4+ a clean nut butter made with only peanuts

4 plus nutrition peanut sport cream

While 4+ Nutrition already has high protein and low sugar spread available in several flavors, and has so for quite some time, the Italian brand has found a reason to launch another, introducing Peanut Sport Cream. The point of difference with the bright yellow supplement company’s latest effort is that it’s clean and incredibly straightforward, with no added twist or gimmick.

4+ Nutrition’s Peanut Sport Cream is a simple peanut butter made with peanuts and nothing else, as mentioned, making for an extremely clean product. With only peanuts in the product, it’s no surprise its nutrition profile is similar to many other peanut butters, with 7.5g of protein in a 30g serving, 15g of fat, and just over 11g of carbohydrates when counting the fiber.

Like most peanut butter, the all-new Peanut Sport Cream from 4+ Nutrition comes in two variants, Crunchy and Smooth, and will cost you €8 (9.72 USD) per jar when buying directly from the brand.