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Proline and beta-alanine nitrate to debut in Pumping Iron pre-workout

active nitrate ingredients in muscle beach pumping iron

Last week Muscle Beach confirmed its long-awaited and promising stimulant pre-workout Pumping Iron would feature a never-before-seen dose of active nitrate ingredients at a combined 5g per serving. It was also revealed that 5g would be made up of four different premium NO3-T nitrate ingredients, two of which have never been in a supplement before.

To keep the excitement going with the launch of Muscle Beach’s Pumping Iron taking place early next month, we now have a breakdown of that 5g of active nitrates. The pre-workout will feature NO3-T betaine and citrulline nitrate at a gram and 2g, respectively, and both of which you may have seen in various other products out there in the market.

The two industry-first nitrate ingredients in Muscle Beach’s Pumping Iron are a gram of proline nitrate and a gram of beta-alanine nitrate, combining for that promised total of 5g of active nitrate ingredients. As mentioned last week, NO3-T nitrates are extremely reliable when it comes to fast-acting and intense pumps, so a dose that high should make for quite the pump performance.

While the nitrates are a major highlight of Muscle Beach’s upcoming Pumping Iron, it does promise a comprehensive experience of energy, focus, and performance as well as improved pumps. The supplement looks to have a serving weight of around 28g, so there is certainly plenty of room in there outside of the nitrates for other well-dosed ingredients.