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Fresh sea air-inspired flavor now available for Anabolic Designs’ Aminotaur

anabolic designs ocean breeze aminotaur

The loaded and comprehensive amino supplement from the brightly branded Anabolic Designs, Aminotaur, has a promising new flavor to close out the month inspired by the fresh sea air. As mentioned, Aminotaur is quite a packed out product, featuring a solid 7g of BCAAs, a combined 3.5g of the other six EAAs to support recovery, and a blend of ingredients for hydration.

Fans of Anabolic Designs and its full-spectrum amino already have plenty of flavors to choose from in five with Purple Punch, Classic Cola, Roadside Lemonade, Bitter Sweet, and Crimson Cooler. The all-new option for Aminotaur that is said to light up your tastebuds and inspired by the fresh sea air is Ocean Breeze, which is also exclusive to the brand’s online store.