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Ballistic reveals its second protein ISO-Lit, powered by premium whey isolate

ballistic labs iso lit

In January, we posted about an all-new protein powder from Canadian supplement company Ballistic Labs, introducing the blend style formula Brotein. The product brings together the two most common forms of whey protein in whey isolate and whey concentrate to provide the usual 25g of protein per serving with a strong variety of six different flavors to choose from.

With the introduction of Brotein, Ballistic Labs also mentioned it had another protein powder on the horizon, which we now have a complete look at with “ISO-Lit”, similar in name, of course, to the Primeval Labs’ protein “ISOlit”. Compared to Brotein, Ballistic’s ISO Lit features only one source of protein in the more premium whey isolate, also providing a leaner nutrition profile.

Each serving of Ballistic Labs’ ISO-Lit has just a gram more protein than Brotein at 26g, as mentioned, all from fast-absorbing whey isolate, almost zero carbohydrates, and a calorie count of 110. The brand’s second protein powder has four flavors to choose from, only one of which we can confirm so far in a lengthily-named vanilla creation called Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve.