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Bulk wants to help you get to know your body even better with its DNA Test

bulk labs dna test

The recently rebranded Bulk, previously known as Bulk Powders, has come out with an intriguing new product to help you along your health and fitness journey in a whole new way. It’s not a supplement but can lead to you purchasing and making better use of specific supplements from the brand’s lineup, all from a short and simple DNA Test.

Bulk has indeed come out with a DNA Collection Kit, created for you to submit your DNA for testing and get a full analysis of how your own body operates. The test takes just sixty seconds to complete; then, once the brand has received your sample, you’ll need to wait for another two to three weeks for the results which will be accessible via an online portal.

The detailed results that come from Bulk’s DNA Collection Kit include information such as how your body responds to certain fats, how prone you are to chronic inflammation, and your sensitivity to carbohydrates and caffeine. It also provides insight into your body’s vitamin and mineral requirements, advising you on what precisely you need and don’t need.

Bulk is essentially giving fans a way to completely optimize themselves and take their training and lifestyle to another level of detail. The DNA Collection Kit isn’t all that much at £99 (135.82 USD) over at, which isn’t too bad to find out things about yourself you may never have known.

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