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Core ABC gets another all-natural flavor with Mixed Berry

core abc natural

Core Nutritionals said it wouldn’t be slowing down in 2021 when it comes to innovation, releases, and developments, and for the first month of the year, it has followed through on that. As we move into the second month, the still seems to very much be the case with the Brand Of The Year nominee launching another new flavor this week, although it’s not just any flavor.

Core Nutritionals’ latest is another flavor of its previously released spin-off of Core ABC in Core ABC Natural, which is like the regular version but made with only natural ingredients. The first flavor the brand put together for Core ABC with the all-natural approach was Cherry Lemonade back in November of 2017, and it’s now been joined by the new Mixed Berry.

With Mixed Berry Core ABC Natural being a fresh new product, Core Nutritionals has introduced it with a couple of deals. For a limited time, you can grab one tub for $53.99 down from $59.99 or two for $50 each, and keep in mind; Core ABC comes with a lot of servings, 50 to be exact, each with 10g of BCAAs and 2.5g each of glutamine, beta-alanine, and citrulline malate.