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Ever-growing Cutler Nutrition moves into digestion with 9-Zymes

cutler nutrition 9-zymes

Since his big rebrand from what is now many years ago, Jay Cutler’s supplement company Cutler Nutrition, has done a great job expanding his lineup into several major categories. Cutler has gone from mainstream areas like pre-workout, focus, and protein powder, into a couple of more modern markets such as plant-based protein powder and probiotics for gut health.

The latest entry in the Cutler Nutrition family is another interesting type of product, putting the brand into an area similar to its probiotic formula Pro-50. Cutler has come out with 9-Zymes, a dedicated, premium digestive enzyme supplement featuring, of course, nine different enzymes to improve and support digestion for better nutrient absorption and reduced bloating.

cutler nutrition 9-zymes

Some of the key ingredients Cutler Nutrition has put into 9-Zymes include bromelain, cellulase, and lipase, all squeezed into a convenient, single-capsule serving that you take with meals. The product comes with 120 capsules per bottle, so depending on how many meals you decide to take with it each day, that bottle could last you up to four months if used once per day.

Cutler Nutrition’s 9-Zymes is available directly through its online store at $34.99, but again, keep in mind you get 120 servings per bottle so that $34.99 could work out to as little as $8.75 a month.