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Salted Caramel joins Foodspring’s Protein Cream menu for a limited time

foodspring salted caramel protein cream

German functional brand Foodspring has a sweet and salty new flavor for its delicious low sugar and low calorie spread Protein Cream, although fans will want to make sure they get in on this one quickly. The brand has released a Salted Caramel Protein Cream that promises a memorable caramel taste with the product’s usual healthier macros, but it is only around for a limited time.

The nutrition profile on a 30g serving of Foodspring’s limited edition Salted Caramel Protein Cream, includes 6g of protein, 11.1g of carbohydrates with 2.1g of that sugar and the rest sugar alcohols, 11.1g of fat, and 154 calories. The product is still currently in stock on the brand’s website, where it costs the same as Protein Cream’s other flavors at €4.99 (6.05 USD) for a small 200g jar.