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Genius Gourmet continues to expand its sports side with an electrolyte formula

genius gourmet keto electrolytes

While Genius Gourmet started as a keto-friendly functional food company with a decadent on-the-go snack, it eventually evolved into a functional food and keto supplement brand when it introduced its various collagen-based powder products. Those included a straightforward collagen peptide supplement, flavored and unflavored, as well as a formula featuring a blend of collagen and MCT oil.

Genius Gourmet now also has an electrolyte product to support and improved hydration. It comes with a variety of electrolytes such as magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium, and leucine, although at a very small amount of 165mg per serving. Genius Gourmet Electrolyte Blend is a capsule supplement with 90 servings per bottle and directly through the brand’s website it will cost you $17.99.