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Dedicated hydration formula possibly featuring Senactiv in the works with Ghost

ghost confirms ghost hydration in the works

The original lifestyle supplement company and Brand Of The Year winner for 2020, Ghost, has proven it can stretch into and tackle many different categories beyond typical spaces like pre-workout and protein. Last year was clear proof of that with the brand launching a product specifically for gamers, the tasty superfood formula Ghost Greens, and the beauty supplement Ghost Glow.

Ghost has now set its eyes on another type of product that has grown in popularity over the past year or so with hydration. Many small to mid-sized brands have put together dedicated hydration and performance supplements, which Ghost is now working on. It hasn’t said much about what’s in it, only hinting that ActiGin or the newly named Senactiv may make an appearance.

Typically hydration products are built around electrolytes and on occasions, some taurine and coconut water, but as per usual, Ghost has stayed fairly vague for Ghost Hydration. With the brand putting the word out there, we have to imagine it’s on the cards for release this year, although as you’ll know, it doesn’t drop things until they’re 100%, so it could be longer.