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Oat King creator comes out with a goat whey-based protein bar

goat whey protein bar

LSP, the maker of the oat-based functional brand Oat King out of Germany, has introduced an intriguing new product, quite different from anything we’ve seen before. It is a high-protein snack in the traditional bar format, although what makes it so different is what it’s made out of, as it is powered by whey protein but not your typical whey from cow’s milk.

The Oat King creator has introduced the Goat Whey Protein Bar, which is precisely that, a protein bar made using whey from goat’s milk. It also includes almonds, IMOs, and sweet coconut oil-based icing. Altogether, the product’s build is a smooth, doughy center covered in delicious chocolate, available in tasty Chocolate Caramel and Dark Chocolate flavors.

The Goat Whey Protein Bar’s nutrition profile is relatively lean compared to your typical protein bar, packing 22g of protein, alongside 10.9g of carbohydrates, just 3.4g of sugar 5.8g of fat, and 189 calories. The product looks like it’s out in Germany already, and with LSP behind it, you’ll likely see it in most if not all of the places you can find Oat King.