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BlenderBottle drops more Harry Potter shakers based on the Hogwarts Houses

harry potter blenderbottle

Last week, BlenderBottle expanded its collection of authentic Star Wars-themed shakers with five new designs, all-based on classic characters from the Star Wars universe. The popular shaker brand is back this week, adding to another one of its authentic collections. This time around, it is BlenderBottle’s Harry Potter line that’s getting the attention with four new designs.

The latest collaborations from BlenderBottle are actually similar to the first-ever Harry Potter shakers the brand released in August of 2018. Fans may remember, BlenderBottle came out with six designs, four of which were based on houses of Hogwarts. That is exactly what we have this week, although the colors are a little brighter and the graphics are not quite as detailed.

You can see BlenderBottle’s new Harry Potter shakers in the image above, as mentioned, one for each house of Hogwarts in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, all in the brand’s Pro Series bottle. As per usual, you can grab BlenderBottle’s newest releases directly from its website, alongside its many other Harry Potter shakers at $16.99 each.

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