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New and improved Linkd packing 35% more EAAs than Impel’s original

impel nutrition linkd v2

In the coming weeks, Impel Nutrition is rolling out an improved version of its original amino supplement Linkd, with only one change, but it is quite significant. The current iteration of the product packs a combined total that’s just shy 6g of all nine EAAs, including 5g of vegan-friendly InstAminos BCAAs, 2g of glutamine, and electrolytes for hydration.

The new and upcoming Linkd V2, dropping in about three to four weeks, will have all of the same ingredients, but the EAAs will be at a slightly higher amount. Instead of 5.86g of EAAs, the reformulated amino supplement is going to have about 35% more at a combined 8g, although the BCAA content will remain at 5g of vegan-friendly InstAminos BCAAs.

Once again, Impel Nutrition is looking to roll out Linkd V2 within the next three to four weeks, which makes it available somewhere around the end of this month and early next month. The improved amino product, built to support muscle recovery and repair, will also be coming in a fresh new flavor with Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

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