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Inspired reveals a rebranded CR3 as the first entry in its new Signature Series

inspired cr3 rebrand

Inspired Nutraceuticals made a lot of noise this week with the reveal of its all-new version of the well-formulated and effective fat burner, in Ember Rebirth. To close out the week of excitement, the Brand Of The Year winner in 2019, has previewed another upcoming supplement, although this one is a slightly simpler rebrand but reaches throughout the brand’s lineup.

Inspired has dropped the first look at the updated version of its creatine supplement CR3, which carries over all of its original ingredients, including 2g of creatine HCl, 750mg of AgmaMax, and 50mg of AstraGin and the newly named Senactiv. The outside is where all of the changes have happened, which you can see for yourself in the shot of the refreshed CR3 above.

As good as the rebranded Inspired CR3 looks, there is more to it than that. The look of the supplement is actually the look of the brand’s “Signature Series”, which is made up of CR3 and several other products. More details about the other items in the Signature Series will be shared soon, and it is one of two lines, so all of Inspired’s supplements moving forward are going to be under this one or the other.

Inspired had a relatively quiet year in 2020 compared to everything it squeezed in for its Brand Of The Year winning 2019; however, it seems the brand spent that time putting in work behind the scenes. We’re now slowly seeing the result of that effort with Ember Rebirth, the rebranded Signature Series, and no doubt, many more products and developments to follow.

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