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Macro Mike welcomes its all-natural and vegan Clean Cookie in three flavors

macro mike clean cookie

The functional Australian company Macro Mike has an all-new product this week, and it’s not the usual protein powder or baking mix flavor extension. The colorful and creative brand has come out with an edible, on-the-go protein snack named “The Clean Cookie”, featuring a clean combination of macros while still trying to deliver traditional cookie-like taste and texture.

Macro Mike’s Clean Cookie packs a strong 16g of protein per cookie with 18 to 19g of carbohydrates, a lot of that sugar at 15 to 16g, between 8 and 9g of fat, and a calorie count of 218 to 227. Those nutrition numbers vary, of course, across the different flavors of The Clean Cookie, which are Double Choc Fudge, Birthday Cake, and something entirely different in Maple Choc Chip.

macro mike clean cookie

All of the flavors are made with only natural and plant-based ingredients, meaning they are completely vegan-friendly, with almond protein being the ingredient responsible for that 16g of protein. Images do make them look quite tasty, with the brand promising a soft and smooth consistency with chunks of flavor throughout like white chocolate chips in the Birthday Cake Clean Cookie.

Macro Mike’s has the entire Clean Cookie lineup in stock starting today on its website, although compared to other protein snacks, they are relatively expensive. A box of a dozen of the cookies will set you back $59.95 (46.49 USD), which works out to $4.99 (3.87 USD) each, and there is a variety pack with four of each flavor, so you don’t need to grab a box of each to try them all.