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Pineapple Mango and Patriot’s Punch confirmed for ‘Merica Energy refresh

merica energy refresh flavors

The long-awaited refresh of the top tasting ‘Merica Labz energy drink, ‘Merica Energy, is near and is currently due to drop in the coming months. It is going to involve a complete revamp of the product, bringing a fun new look that has yet to be shared, some changes to the formula, and a different selection of flavors replacing the current eight.

To keep the excitement and hype rolling for the new and improved ‘Merica Energy, ‘Merica Labz has shared a bit more information about what its menu is going to look like. From what we can tell, the product will be relaunching with five different tastes, only two of which will be flavors the energy drink is already available in.

Our guess at one of the returning flavors is Freedom, although it definitely doesn’t sound like they’ll be any of the fruit-focused options such as Impeachment or the original grape or apple. The rest of the flavors are all completely new; two of them have been named in Pineapple Mango and the High-C-inspired fruity cocktail, Patriot’s Punch.

The remaining flavor of ‘Merica Energy has not received any clues; however, if you cast your mind back to April of last year, it did say it was working on two all-new tastes in Alpine Pew Pew and County Fair. The former is a Mountain Dew-like recipe, and the latter, blue raspberry cotton candy, both of which sound like a good fit for the energy drink.