Morphogen brings its premium touch to the typically basic multivitamin category

Feb 22nd, 2021
morphogen nutrition morphomulti

The reputable and ever-growing Morphogen Nutrition has finally brought its talents and premium touch to the typically basic and straightforward multivitamin market with Morphomulti. As you’d expect, however, coming from Morphogen, Morphomulti is far from basic, as the brand has packed it with high-quality ingredients to more comprehensively support general health, immunity, mood, and vision.

Morphogen Nutrition’s Morphomulti comes with a complete blend of vitamins and minerals, many of those being branded forms in Quatrefolic folic acid and several premium TRAACS chelated minerals. As mentioned, Morphogen has given the multivitamin a unique twist, putting a lot more than vitamins and minerals into it, as you can in Morphomulti’s lengthy facts panel in the image below.

morphogen nutrition morphomulti

The product also features PrimaVie branded shilajit at 500mg, another half a gram of Carpso Indian gooseberry, and the two immune support ingredients, echinacea and elderberry, both at a solid 500mg each per six capsule serving. Morphogen Nutrition’s Morphomulti has a couple of reliable absorption enhancers to top it off with AstraGin and BioPerine at 50mg and 5mg, respectively.

Morphomulti is essentially another quality addition to the growing Morphogen Nutrition family, and it fits right in. Multivitamin isn’t a category the brand was competing in, but it’s certainly something a lot of gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts regularly use. Morphomulti will be available starting tomorrow from the Morphogen website at its usual price of $48 for a bottle of 30 servings.