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Naughty Boy reveals its unique and strategic approach to the amino market

naughty boy illmatic aminos

While our International Brand Of The Year winner for 2020, Naughty Boy, does cover many categories at the moment, there are plenty it’s still missing from, including the amino market. Very soon, that is going to change, although not with a single supplement, but four completely different products, each with its own point of difference and individual amino-based formula.

The names of Naughty Boy’s four amino supplements all start with the word “Illmatic”, followed by a single word that describes its different angle on the amino category. There is Illmatic BCAAs, a combination of BCAAs and the muscle protein synthesis-enhancing Velositol; then you have Illmatic EAAs, featuring, of course, a more complete, full-spectrum of all nine EAAs.

Next is Naughty Boy’s Illmatic Carbs, a blend of carbohydrates and aminos, then finally Illmatic Intra, a loaded and comprehensive intra-workout product. Each supplement also has a set of flavors that have a mafia-inspired structure to them. For example, Illmatic BCAAs comes in four flavors referred to as the Soldiers, including Carlito Cherry and Aldo Apple.

The flavors on Naughty Boy’s menu for Illmatic EAAs are the Capos, and for Illmatic Carbs and Intra, they are the Underboss and Boss, respectively, with one flavor each in Carlo Coconut and Pineapple and Illiana Ice Blast.

Naughty Boy isn’t just getting into the amino category; it is attempting to tackle it from almost every angle. While we have seen brands come to market with one or two, maybe three different aminos, we’ve never seen a strategy like this. The Illmatic BCAAs, EAAs, Carbs, and Intra should make quite the splash for the brand, especially since it currently doesn’t have any aminos out there.