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NPL’s flagship pre-workout NO Charge Pre reformulated for the New Year

npl no charge pre

South African supplement company NPL has revealed and released an all-new version of its flagship stimulant pre-workout, NO Charge Pre. Like most sequels, the brand has made a number of changes to the product for a fresh new experience, although it is still very much a balanced, well-rounded pre-workout. It is also fully transparent, letting you know the exact amounts of each ingredient.

You can see the updated facts panel for NPL’s revamped NO Charge Pre in the image below, including a variety of commonly used pre-workout ingredients to deliver increased energy, focus, pumps, and performance. It has several key compounds in the mix, such as beta-alanine at the usual 3.2g per serving, a reliable 300mg of caffeine for energy, and 5g of citrulline malate for pumps.

npl no charge pre

As mentioned, NPL has also dedicated a good amount of its NO Charge Pre formula to support and enhance mental focus, featuring the likes of choline bitartrate, alpha-GPC, and tyrosine. It does indeed look like a fitting replacement for the original NO Charge Pre, especially since it has some similarities, so if you were a fan of the previous version, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy this one.

NPL is currently rolling out its new and improved NO Charge Pre to stores and stockists in South Africa with a few flavors to choose from in Cherry, Mango Orange, Blue Razz, and Raspberry, packing 20 full servings per tub.