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Nutrabio wants you to train everyday like it’s leg day with its next new product

nutrabio leg day

Most experienced lifters would agree that leg day is one of the more grueling workouts you can go through, demanding more out of you than most other muscle groups. The clean, transparent, and reputable brand Nutrabio is looking to play into that in its next all-new supplement, which is, in fact, called “Leg Day”, and is a workout-based product.

Nutrabio has not said exactly what kind of workout supplement Leg Day is just yet, only that it’ll help you train every day with the intensity and drive like it is leg day. Our guess is it’s a pre-workout, something to increase energy and push performance, although you could also get that from an intra-workout, which is another type of product it could be.

Nutrabio also doesn’t tend to preview supplements until they’re near release, so while we don’t have a lot of information on Leg Day at the moment, we don’t imagine that being the case for long.

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