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Obsessed tackles weight loss without stimulants in its all-new Actuate

obsessed nutrition actuate

The creative team at Obsessed Nutrition has introduced an all-new fat burner this week, although unlike a lot of its supplements and many other competitors in the weight loss category, it does not have any caffeine. Actuate is the name of the brand’s latest effort, featuring a short but reliable and premium blend of ingredients, all open and transparently dosed.

Obsessed Nutrition’s Actuate has 250mg of coleus, 200mcg of 3, 5 diiodo-l-thyronine, 200mg of the branded Cocoabuterol, and a solid half a gram of the increasingly popular Mitoburn. It is indeed a quality combination of ingredients to be taken once a day or one serving split into twice a day to support thermogenesis and fat burning, and as mentioned, without any caffeine.

Actuate will cost you $40 for one bottle or $33 each if you grab Obsessed Nutrition’s limited-time triple pack from its website. A single bottle has 28 servings, so when taken as directed, it’ll last you a full four weeks or an entire month. The brand does also say you can have a maximum of up to two servings a day, however that will see you burn through Actuate in half the time.