Obvi’s blend of whey and collagen is now available in tubs and bundles

Feb 22nd, 2021
obvi collagen whey protein

Obvi’s all-new and unique protein powder Collagen Whey Protein, previewed back in December, has arrived on its website, which brings together whey and the brand’s favorite ingredient, collagen. Each serving of the product packs a solid 20g of protein, coming from whey concentrate and collagen peptides, alongside other key compounds to support health, wellness, digestion, and weight loss.

Obvi’s Collagen Whey Protein costs a bit more than its original collagen supplement Super Collagen Protein, at $54.99 for a tub of 20 servings in the one Unicorn Milk flavor. The lifestyle brand does have a couple of other ways to purchase the product and save some money in stacks, such as the Beautiful & Lean Bundle with Collagen Whey Protein and Super Collagen Protein at $89.99.