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Pink Guava expands N8’s BCAA-based N8 Armour menu to five

pink guava n8 armour

N8 Sports from Malaysia has increased its selection of flavors for its BCAA-based amino supplement N8 Armour, which does feature a bit more than just the three all-important BCAAs. Each serving of the product packs a moderate 5g of BCAAs, half of that in glutamine at 2.5g, one gram each of citrulline malate and creatine monohydrate, and electrolytes for hydration.

N8 Armour was already spoiled for flavors with four to choose from, most of which are quite different, like many international supplement companies, with Pineapple, Thai Mango, Iced Lychee, and Apple Mint. Joining that menu of four and taking it to a total of five is a Pink Guava N8 Armor, available now in the brand’s home country of Malaysia in its usual 30 serving size.

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