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Two more fruity flavors named for Like A Pro’s stimulant pre-workout

like a pro pump and focus new flavors

Pump + Focus is Like A Pro’s flagship stimulant pre-workout, that’s light on caffeine compared to the category’s top competitors but heavy in all other areas. The supplement is packed with ingredients for pumps, performance, and true to its name, mental focus, including highlights such as a full 2g each of PeakO2 and tyrosine, 6g of citrulline malate, and 600mg of alpha-GPC.

Like A Pro’s Pump + Focus also comes in a handful of different flavors, giving fans plenty of options to choose from. Despite already having that strong selection, the brand plans to add another two tastes to its menu in the coming weeks and months. They are going to be Fruit Explosion and Raspberry Lemonade and will be available first through Like A Pro’s website at $59.99 a tub.

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