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Two new pizza products coming down the pipeline from Rocka Nutrition

rocka nutrition protein pizza and vegan salami pink pizza

Rocka Nutrition is no stranger to creative and unique products; this is very evident just by looking at its wide variety of sports supplements, functional foods, and healthy snacks. The brand has come out with a superfood formula, a stimulant-powered pre-workout, many different protein powders, high-protein spreads, baking mixes, and a whole lot more.

Another interesting item that has hit the market over the years from Rocka Nutrition is its own spin on traditional pizza with a product called Pink Pizza. It is a light, frozen pizza, tipping the scales at only 310g, with the twist being that it has a lot less nutrition than your typical pizza, with 6.8g of fat, 71g of carbohydrates, just 4.3g of sugar, 26g of protein, and 453 calories.

Rocka Nutrition’s Pink Pizza is soon and finally going to be followed by two all-new pizzas, both sounding better than the original. One is referred to as the Protein Pizza, presumably packing a lot more protein than the 26g in its first pizza. The other one is essentially another Pink Pizza but made with a vegan-friendly, salami alternative, not something that was in the original.

It definitely seems like we need a bit more information on both of the pizza products Rocka Nutrition has coming down the pipeline, but either way, they all sound quite interesting.