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SmartShake teams up with fellow Swedish IFBB Pro for its latest signature shaker

samir troudi signature smartshake

The original compartment shaker company, SmartShake, has done a lot of signature shakers over the years, where it partners with notable bodybuilders for special edition versions of its flagship bottle. There has been one with Jay Cutler, The Gift Phil Heath, of course, the one and only Ronnie Coleman, and former Ms. Fitness Olympia, Adela Garcia.

This year, SmartShake has come out with a signature series bottle partnering with a notable IFBB Pro Bodybuilder originally from its home country of Sweden in Samir Troudi. It is a bottle featuring a stylized shot of Troudi himself printed in white on a black compartment shaker available now through his online store at 120 SEK (14.33 USD) each.

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