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Classic Milk Chocolate flavor on the way for Skinny Food’s Chocaholic Spread

skinny food milk chocolate chocaholic spread

The Skinny Food Co has announced yet another flavor for its tasty, lower sugar, and much lower calorie chocolate spread Chocaholic, which the brand actually confirmed another flavor for one week ago. The upcoming addition this time around isn’t quite as unique as the colorful, strawberry-flavored Unicorn Spread officially unveiled from last week, but it sounds delicious nonetheless.

Also coming soon from The Skinny Food Co is a more traditional flavor of Chocaholic in Milk Chocolate, still low in calories and with 92% less sugar than typical chocolate spreads. Much like the intriguing Unicorn Spread, there is no launch date for the Milk Chocolate Chocaholic Spread yet, only that it’s coming soon, which does typically mean very soon when it comes to the Skinny Food Co.