SNS catches up on its promise with a standalone cissus supplement

Feb 22nd, 2021
sns cissus xt

As mentioned, SNS has been doing its best to deliver on its promise of at least one new product every week for the first three months of the year. Due to weather conditions, it couldn’t get its scheduled launches online over the last two weeks, but it is now catching up. Over the weekend, we posted about the updated VasoForce Rush, which is its new release for the week of February 8th.

Today we’ve got SNS in the headlines again to catch up on its missed launch from last week. The supplement the brand now has online is a standalone cissus quadrangularis formula named Cissus XT to support joint comfort, mobility, and overall joint health. It has the key ingredient at a gram per serving, and comes as an unflavored powder, making it easier to add to shakes and smoothies.

SNS’ Cissus XT is a basic product that falls under its Baseline Series, and like the many other standalone supplements in that family, Cissus XT has a cost-effective price tag. Through the brand’s website it’ll cost you $29.99 for a 120g tub giving you 120 servings at 1g each, and if you’re a Stack3d Insider, you can use your exclusive coupon to discount it down to a slightly better $23.99.