Astragalus-based Astrag-Flow gets a flavored version with the same formula

Feb 27th, 2021
supplement needs astrag-flow powder

Astrag-Flow is a general health supplement from the team at Supplement Needs, featuring the key ingredient in its name with astragalus (4:1) at a gram per serving. The UK retailer and reputable brand also includes 750mg of beetroot, 250mg of goldenrod, and 450mg of hawthorn berry, all squeezed into a four capsule serving taken twice a day, with 30 days worth in a bottle.

Supplement Needs has now released a flavored powder version of Astrag-Flow featuring all of the same main ingredients and essentially all of the same dosages. As mentioned, those numbers above are what you get in a single serving, but you take it twice a day, so you can double everything, and those amounts are what you get in a serving of the all-new flavored option.

To make it an even easier alternative, Supplement Needs Astrag-Flow powder costs exactly the same as the original capsule version at £34.99 (48.73 USD), and you get the same amount of full servings. There is also just one flavor to choose from for the product at the moment in Berry.

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