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Vayu adds a straightforward rice-based carbohydrate product to its lineup

vayu instant rice pudding

The impressive newcomer Vayu, who hasn’t even been on the market for a year yet, has announced another addition to its unique and premium family of supplements that follows a current European market trend. The latest addition to the German brand’s family is Instant Rice Pudding, a cream of rice type product that has just the one ingredient in rice flour.

To make Instant Rice Pudding even simpler, Vayu has not given it any flavor, making it an ideal carbohydrate supplement to combine or mix in with various other foods and shakes. In a 100g of the product’s powder, there is under a gram of fat, 83.1g of carbohydrates with only 200mg of that sugar, 7.7g of protein, and a calorie count of 373.

Vayu’s Instant Rice Pudding is available in a rather large 3kg tub, giving you 30 servings at that highlighted 100g serving, although you can, of course, adjust to your own requirements; for example, it’d be 60 servings at 50g each. The supplement is not yet in stock in the brand’s online store, but when it does, directly from Vayu, it’ll cost you €25 (30.41 USD).

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