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Black Magic drops its St. Patrick’s Day-themed concoction Green Magic

black magic green magic bzrk

Black Magic’s previously previewed, special edition Green Magic flavor for its flagship stimulant pre-workout BZRK is now available, which has been put together in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, taking place a week from now. While initially, we thought it might have some sort of alternative formula like some of the past special edition BZRKs, Green Magic does indeed feature the pre-workout’s usual blend of ingredients.

In addition to this week bringing the launch of Black Magic’s Green Magic BZRK, the reputable brand has also provided a description of what exactly Green Magic is meant to taste like. The product is actually a combination of flavors, with fruit punch, strawberry, watermelon, and lime. It is quite the recipe and, at least based on that list, sounds like an interesting experience compared to BZRK’s many other ongoing options.