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Bodylab puts freeze-dried strawberries and yogurt into its latest Whey 100 flavor

bodylab raspberry yogurt whey 100

Danish brand Bodylab, which we saw quite a bit of in 2020 with its spree of flavor and product releases, has another new flavor this week, extending the menu of its mainstream protein powder Whey 100. The supplement features quite a straightforward formula packing 21g of protein in a 30g serving from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate.

The new flavor fans of Bodylab have to choose from is a fairly interesting one, similar in uniqueness to its Peach/Orange and Chocolate Banana Swirl, introducing a Raspberry and Yogurt Whey 100. The flavor itself promises a sweet raspberry taste made with freeze-dried raspberry powder, and for the yogurt side, it is also made with yogurt powder.

As per usual, you can grab the latest from Bodylab through its official online store over at, where Whey 100 is on sale at 139 DKK (21.99 USD) for a 1kg or 2.2lb bag.