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Chiefs puts out a high-protein pizza featuring fat-reduced mozzarella

chiefs stone oven pizza

When it comes to functional food, protein snacks, and healthy treats, Europe is the most creative, with many brands in the continent putting out forms of products you won’t find in the US. Swiss brand Chiefs is one of those rather unique functional brands, with its lineup featuring items like Protein Pudding, Meal Pots, Protein Ice Cream, and the usual protein bar and RTD.

This week it has released another intriguing creation, introducing the Chiefs Stone Oven Pizza. While the product isn’t something we haven’t seen before, it’s certainly a rarity with functional brands that compete in the world of protein bars and snacks. The pizza is, of course, high in protein, packing 28g per pizza, a hefty 84g of carbohydrates, 7.1g of fat, and 518 calories.

The Chiefs Stone Oven Pizza obviously isn’t as lean as a protein bar or on-the-go protein shake, but it’s a healthier alternative to your traditional high-calorie pizza. The brand has launched the product in only one flavor to start with Margherita, made with tomatoes, oregano, fat-reduced mozzarella, and wheat flour, and takes just six to eight minutes in the oven to be ready.

The latest from Chiefs is available now in its home country of Switzerland, although not its online store where you can purchase most of the products directly from the brand, including its Meal Pots, Protein Sticks, and Whey Valley.

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