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CSN’s popular Cream Of Rice gets a bigger and better value 100 serving tub size

csn 5kg tub of cream of rice

Cardiff Sports Nutrition’s straightforward Cream Of Rice is one of the most popular supplements under its own brand, and it was also relaunched earlier this year with a handful of tweaks. The retailer and brand improved the consistency of its Cream Of Rice, making it thicker and creamier, and it refreshed its menu with new flavors like Cinnamon Donut and Blueberry Muffin.

This week, Cardiff Sports Nutrition is giving back to its popular product once again, this time with even better value. The UK company has put together a bigger tub size than its previous largest at 2.5kg, with one that’s twice the size at 5kg. It comes with the same clean and quality formula and has six flavors to choose from, including Caramel White Choc and Strawberry Banana.

The price of Cardiff Sports Nutrition’s 5kg Cream Of Rice is £29.99 (27.88 USD) each, so it has twice as much in it, but only costs 50% more, working out to a saving of 25%. The larger size of the supplement is due to be added to the retailer’s online store sometime this week, as mentioned, with six different flavors to choose from.