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Jay Cutler begins testing a high-stimulant version of his Prevail pre-workout

cutler nutrition prevail high stim

When it comes to pre-workouts these days, a lot of brands tend to have more than one, and it’s not just stimulant and stimulant-free supplements. Many popular companies have a primary stimulant pre-workout, something stackable and stimulant-free, and then a higher stimulant product. Jay Cutler’s Cutler Nutrition is looking to do precisely that as it is now beta testing a third pre-workout separate from Prevail and Amplify.

Cutler Nutrition’s already available Prevail is its stimulant-fueled pre-workout, while Amplify is a stimulant-free supplement built to enhance pumps and can stack seamlessly with Prevail. Jay Cutler has revealed he is currently working on a spin-off of Prevail referred to as Prevail High-Stim, which will obviously feature a more potent blend of stimulants compared to the regular Prevail to deliver intense energy and focus.

None of the ingredients for Cutler Nutrition’s Prevail High-Stim have been revealed, but again, the product’s tentative title already says enough. We have also got a small glimpse at Jay Cutler’s testing sample of the supplement, where we see a serving size of 16.5g. That is much bigger than the regular Prevail maximum serving at 10g, so while Prevail High-Stim will mostly be about stimulation, it will still have plenty of other ingredients.

As mentioned, Jay Cutler is currently only testing Prevail High-Stim with no idea on when it’ll be finished or get a full public release. Either way, we’ll be sure to share more details as they become available.