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Newcomer Day One shares the first look at its dedicated liver health supplement

day one performance previews upcoming tonic

We recently introduced the fresh new Australian supplement company Day One Performance and its two similarly named products, Eclipse For Men and Eclipse For Women. Both of them are hormone health supplements but formulated for slightly different benefits and effects; the women’s one is built more for balancing hormones, while the Eclipse For Men aims to boost testosterone and lower estrogen.

When we posted about Day One Performance, we mentioned it said it has more products in the works, including a stimulant pre-workout and a fat-burning supplement. This week it has previewed an all-new product that is coming down the pipeline, although it isn’t for either of those categories mentioned. Day One Tonic is the upcoming item, which is another premium capsule formula for comprehensive liver support.

Day One Performance has not shared the complete combination of ingredients behind Tonic just yet, but it has named three of its key and reliable features in n-acetyl-l-cysteine, milk thistle, and TUDCA. More information on the supplement should be along soon, and by the looks of it, Tonic will be on the market before the other upcoming products; the Day One pre-workout and weight loss supplement.