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Enlightened drops another tasty ice cream creation in Salted Caramel Cookie

enlightened salted caramel cookie ice cream

The team at the functional frozen food brand Enlightened has another new flavor for fans of its original pint of ice cream, and as per usual, it sounds absolutely delicious. The flavor is Salted Caramel Cookie, featuring sea salt caramel ice cream with streaks of caramel throughout and crumbly cookie pieces, making for a truly sweet and salt experience.

Enlightened’s Salted Caramel Cookie flavor is for its flagship low sugar, high protein ice cream with 19g of protein per pint, a hefty 76g of carbohydrates with 31g of that sugar and 22g fiber, 12g of fat, and 400 calories. As per usual, the brand has made it available to purchase first through its online store, where it’s $8 per tub or $56 for a set of eight.

Enlightened has also included its Salted Caramel Cookie ice cream in an all-new variety pack, which is $56 for eight tubs, with three Salted Caramel Cookie, another three Caramel Toffee Pretzel, and the remaining two the popcorn-themed, Movie Night.