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Evogen reintroduces a regular Lipocide that sits between Lipocide IR and Xtreme

evogen lipocide

Evogen from Hany Rambod has brought back its original capsule supplement Lipocide, which since its initial launch, has seen several spin-offs, including Lipocide IR and Lipocide Xtreme. The brand’s latest product isn’t replacing either of those Lipocides mentioned; instead, it’s intended to be a weight loss alternative that sits somewhere in between the two.

The idea behind the more simply named supplement is it’s built for those that like the benefits of Lipocide IR but not the flavored format, and don’t like the intensity of Lipocide Xtreme. As mentioned, Evogen’s all-new Lipocide intends to sit right in between the two, giving the brand’s growing fan base a moderate stimulating fat burner in convenient capsule form.

evogen lipocide

While Evogen’s Lipocide is meant to be similar to Lipocide IR, the ingredients and dosages in the product are not the same. The capsule supplement has a 303mg blend full of weight loss and stimulating ingredients, including DMAE, yohimbine, alpha yohimbine, Capsimax, and Dynamine, as well as caffeine that sits outside of the blend, at a reliable 200mg per serving.

Evogen’s all-new Lipocide fat burner is in stock and available now through its online store, where a full-size bottle of 60 servings will cost you $49.95. While the product does have 60 servings, it directs users to take it twice per day, so when used as directed, it’ll last the usual 30 days.

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