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Evogen creates the water loss formula Super Dry to improve definition and detail

evogen super dry

Super Dry is an all-new water loss supplement from Hany Rambod’s reputable brand Evogen, and like most other competitors in the advanced category, it aims to drop excess water and reduce bloating. It’s an ideal product for before a photoshoot, a bodybuilding contest, or any event or occasion where you want to look that little bit leaner, or dryer, hence the name of the supplement.

Evogen’s Super Dry brings together a variety of reliable water loss ingredients to get the job done, all of which are open and fully transparent, so you know the exact dosages of everything. The formula includes the likes of dandelion extract, uva ursi, horsetail, and juniper berry, as well as less common features such as hydrangea extract and something more typically seen in fat burners with grains of paradise.

Once again, the goal of Super Dry is to help remove that little bit of water to improve muscle definition and overall leanness. Evogen has already made the product available through its website at $29.95, although you don’t get the usual 30 servings per bottle. Super Dry has enough servings to supply you for 15 days, or if you take its maximum dose of one serving twice a day, a bottle will last just seven and a half days.