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Seasoning brand Flavor God releases a sugar and dairy-free coffee creamer

flavorgod dairy free creamer

Functional food brand Flavor God is mostly known for its clean and tasty seasonings, available in a mountain of different and creative flavors, such as Nacho Cheese, Hot Wings, Ghost, and Buffalo. This month company has come out with something quite a bit outside of its usual format with a Flavor God Creamer also featuring a functional and healthy twist.

The full name of Flavor God’s latest product is Dairy-Free Creamer, as it is a coffee creamer made without any dairy ingredients, and it’s completely natural. The creamer features whole food ingredients such as Himalayan salt, coconut oil, and coconut milk powder, which is what gives the Flavor God creation its consistency and ability to be used as a creamer.

The nutrition profile on Flavor God’s Dairy-Free Creamer isn’t all that much, although that’s not too surprising based on the size of its serving at just 2g. From that serving, you get only half a gram of fat, a gram of carbohydrates, no sugar, and a low five calories, but obviously, you can multiply that with more; for example, five servings will get you 25 calories.

Flavor God’s intriguing new creation and biggest step outside of seasonings is now available through its website in a small 170g bag, which works out to 85 servings at that 2g amount. The price of the functional product intended for things like coffee, cereal, teas, waffles, and more, is not too bad at $29.95.