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Nitraflex Burn reformulated with Nitrosigine to match the regular Nitraflex

gat reformulates nitraflex burn

After reformulating and relaunching its flagship stimulant pre-workout Nitraflex in September of last year, GAT is updating its pre-workout spin-off, the hybrid supplement, Nitraflex Burn. The legacy brand has actually made the product more like the regular Nitraflex, with, of course, added fat-burning ingredients to deliver on that hybrid approach of weight loss and pre-workout.

All of the pre-workout type ingredients GAT has put into the renewed Nitraflex Burn are in Nitraflex, including beta-alanine, tyrosine, alpha yohimbine, and of course, the reliable stimulant caffeine. The brand has also thrown in the increasingly popular pump ingredient Nitrosigine, which was the big addition to the reformulated version of the original Nitraflex from last year.

gat reformulates nitraflex burn

As mentioned, GAT’s updated Nitraflex Burn does have some weight loss ingredients in the formula. For that side of the experience, you get l-carnitine-tartrate, green tea, premium CaloriBurn GP branded grains of paradise, and theobromine. The supplement has just as much in it for pre-workout effects as it does fat burning, although all but three ingredients are non-transparent, so we don’t know their exact amounts.

The three features in the new Nitraflex Burn that are transparent are the Nitrosigine at a gram per serving, 200mg of boron, and the caffeine, which is in a blend, but confirmed to be at 325mg. Altogether, the product looks to provide a similar pre-workout experience to Nitraflex with added weight loss support from those ingredients mentioned.

GAT is launching its reformulated Nitraflex this coming Friday through its online store with major retailers to follow, such as Amazon, GNC, and The Vitamin Shoppe. The hybrid pre-workout will have the usual 30 servings per tub and four flavors to choose from in Spicy Mango-Rita, Thunderburst, Blue Raspberry, and Apple Melon.