Ghost has turned its Cereal Milk protein powder into a scented candle

Mar 5th, 2021
ghost cereal milk candle

This Sunday, Ghost is coming out with arguably its most unique accessory to date, beyond its usual clothing, decals, and shakers; in fact, it’s one of the most unique we’ve seen in the industry for some time. The original lifestyle supplement company is actually turning the original Cereal Milk flavor of its protein powder, Ghost Whey, into something you can smell outside of a protein shake.

Ghost’s creative new accessory is a Cereal Milk scented candle, with the scent based on the Cereal Milk flavor of the Ghost Whey protein powder. The candle itself is made with a natural soy wax blend and based on images, looks to be moderately sized. Once again, the intriguing product will be available from this coming Sunday over on the brand’s website with the price to be confirmed.