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First look at Glaxon’s energy and focus gaming supplement Goon Gamer

glaxon goon gamer

Compared to last year, Glaxon has been relatively quiet the first few months of the year, although as we found out a few months ago, quiet tends to mean it has a lot in the works. A little after the middle of 2020, the brand had a silent streak then burst out with its whole sequel setup, where it rebranded and reformulated several of its popular supplements and added a few new items.

Glaxon’s has now burst out again this week, announcing its first entirely new product for the year for a category it’s not currently competing in. The supplement is Goon Gamer, a gaming formula featuring ingredients to increase energy and enhance mental focus. The brand hasn’t shared any part of the formula but knowing Glaxon; it’ll have plenty in there to deliver an effective experience.

Glaxon’s Goon Gamer looks like it is going to be available in the coming weeks and months. It is dropping in flavored powder form with plenty of servings per tub at 60, although we suspect those servings can be doubled, which will give it 30 per tub.

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