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Happy Way partners with Ashy Bines for another special edition protein flavor

happy way ashy bines choc caramel protein powder

Australian supplement company Happy Way has partnered with popular fitness influencer Ashy Bines for a new flavor of its two protein powders, one being whey-based and the other plant-based. It is the same as what the brand did at the end of 2019 with the Triple Choc Fudge flavor of the same two supplements, with this time, of course, being a completely different flavor.

The latest collaboration between Happy Way and Ashy Bines is a chocolate and caramel-themed flavor called Choc Caramel, which promises to taste like a delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello Koala. As mentioned, the brand has put together Ashy Bines’ Choc Caramel flavor for both its whey and plant protein powders, and both cost the same on Happy Way’s website.

Over at, you can grab the 500g bags of Choc Caramel Whey Protein and Choc Caramel Plant Protein at $45.65 (35.34 USD). They both have 16 servings per bag, but slightly different macros, with the whey packing 21g of protein and a total of 121 calories, while the vegan-friendly protein powder has less in both areas with 19.9g of protein and 117 calories.

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