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HD Muscle comprehensively tackles kidney health in its all-new KidneyHD

hd muscle kidneyhd

Alongside SleepHD, the fast-growing and well-put-together supplement brand HD Muscle has also released two other health and wellness type products, one of which is the loaded KidneyHD. As you could probably guess by the name, HD Muscle’s KidneyHD is a dedicated kidney health supplement featuring a reasonably large nine capsule serving size.

Like most of the products in the HD Muscle family, KidneyHD comes with a wide variety of respectably dosed ingredients for comprehensive kidney support. The supplement has been designed to support and repair kidney health, offering benefits such as improved blood flow and bladder health, help with blood pressure and filtration, and provide antioxidant support.

hd muscle kidneyhd

You can see the full list of ingredients HD Muscle has jammed into KidneyHD in the facts panel above with the likes of alpha lipoic acid, pine bark, trans-resveratrol, and a hefty 4g of astragalus. The brand has also thrown in a couple of organic mushroom extracts at half a gram each of reishi and cordyceps, as well as 50mg of AstraGin to improve absorption.

HD Muscle’s KidneyHD is available starting this week through its website, alongside the recovery-enhancing nighttime product SleepHD, which we shared yesterday. The Canadian company’s advanced and dedicated kidney supplement is quite up there when it comes to price sitting at $69.99 for a full-size bottle of 30 full servings.