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Refreshing Peach Ripple flavor on the way for Iron Brothers’ revamped Recharge

iron brothers peach ripple recharge

Iron Brothers Supplements is another growing brand that welcomed the New Year with something new and exciting in a revamped version of its amino product, Recharge. Iron Brothers turned the supplement into a full-spectrum EAA to support muscle recovery and repair more comprehensively with a combined 8g EAAs alongside taurine, coconut water, and AstraGin.

The refreshed Recharge from Iron Brothers Supplements was introduced in three separate flavors with Purple Haze, Dragonfruit Drizzle, and Rainbow Lemonade, which are about to be joined by another option. The brand has announced that within the next two weeks, flavor number four of Recharge will be heading out to retailers with a peach-based creation in Peach Ripple.