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Fit and Lean puts energy and mood ingredients into refreshing mints

mhp fit and lean energy mints

MHP’s health and wellness brand Fit and Lean has come a long way since it originally came to market years ago. The spin-off brand now has a wide variety of supplements, such as Keto Coffee, the vegan-friendly protein powder Plant Protein, and now Energy Mints. Energy Mints is the latest from Fit and Lean, and is indeed quite a unique format compared to your usual pills and powders.

Fit and Lean’s Energy Mints is a bottle of sugar-free, peppermint-flavored mints infused with energy and mood-enhancing ingredients. The product actually features a handful of compounds, with each mint packing 75mg of yerba mate, B vitamins, a precise 43mg of mucuna pruriens, and 25mcg of huperzine a. Caffeine is, of course, in there as well at 150mg from the yerba mate and caffeine anhydrous.

Energy Mints from Fit and Lean is aimed at those looking for something enjoyable, energizing, and on-the-go, sort of an alternative to a traditional energy drink, energy shot, or cup of a coffee. It is a bulk supplement, so it certainly has value on its side, with the brand’s website selling a bottle of 30 of the energizing mints at $11.99, which works out to 39 cents per single serving mint.