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Muscle Beach shares the nitrate-loaded formula behind Pumping Iron

muscle beach pumping iron pre-workout

Muscle Beach has shared the full formula behind its long-awaited pre-workout Pumping Iron, which, as we’ve posted about over the past couple of weeks, is loaded with nitrate ingredients. It comes with 5g of amino nitrates per serving, including proline and beta-alanine nitrate, and it is enhanced with the promising IronWorks to amplify the effects of the nitrates even further.

As you can see in the fully transparent facts panel directly below, Muscle Beach has put a lot more in Pumping Iron than the premium NO3-T nitrates and IronWorks. Interestingly, every nitrate that’s in the pump powering pre-workout is alongside its regular counterpart at a solid amount, including 10g of citrulline malate, 2g of betaine anhydrous, and 2.6g of beta-alanine.

muscle beach pumping iron pre-workout

The other ingredients in Muscle Beach’s Pumping Iron outside of the citrulline, beta-alanine, betaine, and proline are a hefty 1g dose of black tea, 200mg of theanine, and the reliable caffeine for energy at 386mg. The pump side of the supplement is where a lot of the attention has gone, although it has plenty of other ingredients to also support energy and performance.

Muscle Beach is still planning to debut its Pumping Iron pre-workout sometime early this month, so within the next few weeks, through its online store over at It comes with 21 full servings per tub, and it is going to be available in two flavors to start, Atomic Lemon Drop and Watermelon Rancher.