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Myprotein puts a gooey flavorful center in its all-new high-protein Pop Roll

myprotein pop roll

Myprotein has put out many different protein snacks and treats over the years, some are your more traditional protein bars and cookies, and some are much more unique, like the Protein Biscuit and Gooey Filled Egg. This week we’ve got another creative and different functional food from the international brand, introducing the moderate protein Pop Roll.

The Myprotein Pop Roll is a small 30g protein treat featuring a doughy body, a gooey filling down the center, and all covered in milk chocolate in its Choc Brownie flavor and white chocolate for White Choc Peanut. The macros on the product aren’t overly high due to the size of the snack at 8.2g of protein per bar, a low 2.4g of fat, 9.6g of carbohydrates, under a gram of sugar, and 97 calories.

Those nutrition numbers mentioned are for Myprotein’s delicious-looking Choc Brownie Pop Roll and are different for the White Choc Peanut with less protein and marginally more calories. The product definitely seems to be more of a unique, enjoyable protein snack than one that’s all about a lean nutrition profile, with its gooey center making it appear very tasty.

You can grab Myprotein’s all-new Pop Roll directly from its main online store at for £19.99 (27.80 USD) per box. Also, seeing as the product is small, weighing only 30g a piece, you do get more than the usual dozen in a box at 18.

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